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Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping & Returns  
Where do we deliver?
Currently, we deliver only to the following cities (zip codes) in Illinois:
Chicago (within 5 miles radius of UIC, U Of C, and UIC campuses) (60601-60616, 60622, 60637, 60653-54, 60661)

When do we deliver? How long does it take to deliver?
Orders will be delivered Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat by schedualing delivery time.
What are our delivery charges?
  • Flat Delivery Charge is $7.99 if your order is bellow $99 for Chicago, Zip Codes (60601-60608)!!
  • Flat Delivery Charge is $9.99 if your order is bellow $99 for Chicago, Zip Codes (60609 - 60615 and 60622, 60657, 60653,60637)!!
  • Orders more than $99 is FREE DELIVERY only for CHICAGO, the above Zip codes  !
UIC and IIT students living beyond 5 miles of campus: please email us in case of any confusion about delivery charges. As long as we have adequate volume per visit, we should be able to deliver for free.

How is delivery arranged?
We will call you to arrange delivery between a two hour window.

What if delivery has to be rescheduled?
If your order has been assembled and prepared for delivery, restocking charges will apply if you reschedule delivery or if you are not available to take delivery. A restocking charge of 50% of price for persishable items (dairy, fresh breads, vegetables, etc.) and 15% of price for all other items will be charged if delivery is scheduled for another day. The restocking charges will be collected at the time of delivery. A rescheduling charge of $2.99 will also apply if you are unable to take delivery during the delivery window.

What is our return policy for delivered items?
We will accept most items for return within 7 days. Perishable and frozen items cannot not be returned once they have been delivered unless there was an error on our part.

If there is a delivery error, please call us right way after you recieve the delivery and get a error ticket number. We will pay for shipping if the return was due to an error on our part. Otherwise, all shipping costs will be borne by the customer returning the item.

Return items should be unopened, in their original reciept and packaging and not damaged, unless the items was received spoilt or damaged. In addition, a restocking charge of 15% of the item price will be charged if the return is not due to an error on our part.

Where do we ship?
We ship to all valid addresses in the United States. We use UPS or USPS for shipping.

What items do we ship?
We ship all items except perishable (fresh) and frozen items.

What are our shipping charges?
Shipping charges are based on weight and shipping distance. They are calculated automatically at checkout.

Do we offer free shipping?
Our prices are very, very competitive. As a result we are unable to offer free shipping. Please compare our prices with stores that offer free shipping and you may realize that for these stores the shipping costs are often included in product prices. Please compare the total cost (product plus shipping) while making your purchase decision.

What is our return policy for shipped items?
Non-food items can be returned to us wihin 14 days of delivery with the original receipt, unopened with original package . You will be responsible for all shipping costs and a 15% restocking charge.

If the return was because of an error on our part, we will waive the restocking charge and bear the shipping cost.

We will refund you the cost of the item if the item was received damaged or spoilt. However, our return policy does not cover damage caused by improper handling of the product after it arrived in good condition.